Tourism and activities around Wissembourg

The town of Wissembourg

What to do in Wissembourg

Verdant forests, a bountiful vineyard, beautiful countryside...
Wissembourg is nestled snugly at the foot of the Vosges mountains in Alsace.
The passage of time has engraved this historical town with a unique charm, creating a picturesque setting that is just waiting to be discovered...

  • Located just 40 minutes from Strasbourg
  • Visit the St Pierre and Paul abbey church, dating from the 13th century, the second biggest after Strasbourg Cathedral
  • Go on a guided visit of Wissembourg, the town where Stanislas Leszcynski, a former king of Poland, whose daughter Maria married Louis XV, sought exile
  • Go for a walk along the ramparts, designed by Vauban in the 13th century
  • Take a trip on the tourist train (from April to October)
  • Enjoy the open-air town swimming pool during the summer

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Activities in the Bas-Rhin and Northern Vosges area

Tourist attractions in the surrounding area

  • Visit the Maginot line
  • Discover the picturesque villages with their magnificent half-timbering and geraniums (Seebach, Hunspach, Steinseltz, Hoffen,...)
  • Visit the wine cellar and sample their vintages in Cleebourg
  • Discover the Roman route of fortified castles
  • Visit Strasbourg, the capital of Europe (40 minutes away by car)
  • Go for a walk or mountain bike ride in the Northern Vosges Natural Park, listed as one of UNESCO’s World Biosphere Reserves.
  • Visit the potters’ villages and workshops (Betschdorf, Souflenheim, etc.)
  • Visit the museums: the Museum of Shelter in Hatten, the Rural Museum in Kutzenhausen and the Petroleum Museum in Merkwiller
  • Go for a walk along the vineyard and woodland paths in neighbouring villages 

Wissembourg events calendar

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