Relaxation area

The bodycare

Within the hotel and completely dedicated to your good to be: facial skincare, modelling body, sauna take place in a privatized space and a cocooning to perfect your relaxation and relaxation. It is with great pleasure that Rachel the director of the establishment welcomes you there.

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wissembourg massage at the Hotel La Couronne

The distant journeys

Californian modelling

Modelling of archetypal relaxation. The Californian modelling aims as much at the relaxation as at the awakening of a physical consciousness. He(it) uses of lengths slow and fluid effleurages which allow a profound physical and psychic relaxation.

Conformémént in the law, the esthetic porposés modelling is for not therapeutic purpose. They are distributed on no account to look and have for unique(only) purpose the comfort, the relaxation and the well-being. No care can be practised on pregnant woman, anybody having problems of phlébite, cardiac problem.

Modelling 1 am - 70 € 
Modelling 1:30 am - 90 €


he ayurvéda or the science of the life is an art to live stemming from an Indian, very deep and thousand-year-old science. These care aim at cleansing the body, at facilitating the traffic(circulation) of the energies, at eliminating the blockings, the tensions and the fatigue. Abhyanga is a modelling of the body in the hot vegetable oil, it is the most direct way to harmonize the energies of the body.

Modelling 1 am - 70 €
Modelling 1:30 am - 90 €

Balinese modelling in bags in herbs

Each party of the body is massed at first in the hot oil to reactivate the lymphatic and blood traffic. Then several slow and soft operations in bags are going to help the active ingredients of herbs and spices to settle on the skin. The heat of oil and spices as well as texture of bags brings a deep relaxation and a relaxation of the body and the spirit.

Modelling 1 am - 75 € 
Modelling 1:30 am - 110 €

SanVINO products from the Hotel La Couronne in Wissembourg


SanVINO SPA Concept

Discover the power of the vineyard. SanVINO transposes the requirements of quality, authenticity, on returning to sources and need for contact between the men and the nature.

A line of products clear and quality care gives to SanVINO its character, and the proverb " Return in our roots " takes all its sense. The line of care SanVINO is based on natural products, without paraben and mineral oil.

Rite Face SanVINO

A present of the nature!

Live this particular care from head to foot.
A foot-bath with at the same moment a care of hands invites you immédiatyement in an intense relaxation and leads(drives) you in delicious one experience(experiment) for your face.

Duration: 90 min. - 90 €

Modelling in the balm of grape seeds SanVINO

Corps of velvet

The modelling of the body in the soft balm in the oil of grape seeds cold-pressed and the fed shea butter your skin and coats you lasting of bewitching modelling with wonderful scents.

Duration: 55 min. - 50 €

Duet SanVINO

1 exfoliating scrub body SanVINO and 1 Modelling body SanVINO

Duration 1:30 am - 80 €


Ayurvedic rite

Duration 120 min. - 120 €

Relaxation in the bio sauna 
Exfoliating scrub in brushes and in soap foam SanVINO 
Modelling cordps Abhyanga 
Time of rest.


Duration :140 min. -€ 140

Relaxation in thebio sauna
Peeling andhand pack
Californian massagewith grapeseed oil


Body scrubwithgrape seed
Cleaning andface scrub
Relaxation inBio-sauna
Body sculptingwithgrape seed oil
Rest timewitha glass of redpassion orgrape juice

2 hours30-150